Aero Promostretch® Printed Advertising Bands


Promote Your Organization, Cause, Business or Products



PromoStretch® Bands are made from:Different PromoStretch® Bands

  •  High quality silicone material
  • Are highly elastic
  • Are durable.
  • Our Bands have a longer life as compared to natural rubber bands.


Imprint Your Bands with:

  • unique printed motifs
  • characters
  • symbols
  • logos

Why PromoStretch® Printed Advertising Bands?

  • PromoStretch® Printed Advertising Bands are made of a super stretchy silicone compound, developed by Aero specifically for this application.
  • Aero's PromoStretch® Bands are periodically tested to assure compliance with Consumer Product Safety Requirements for Lead, BPA and Phthalate content.
  • Compared to “standard” printed natural rubber bands, the print on PromoStretch® Bands is durable and won’t rub off easily.
  • Available in virtually any color, or combination of colors on the same band.
  • Single color or intricate multicolor characters, printed motifs, logos, and even QR codes.
  • Custom sizes are available.
  • Non-Latex, ozone- and UV-resistant.
  • 2-sided printing and 360 degree printing are available.



Promostretch® Bands will continue to keep your company, product or cause in the consumers eye’s for years to come.

PromoStretch® Printed Advertising Bands offer brilliant colors and superb high resolution characters, graphics and symbols that will last year after year.


Best of all, PromoStretch® Printed Advertising Bands can be customized to the specific size, colors and graphics that you need. Just ask to speak with one of Aero’s Sales Engineers and they will be happy to assist you in making certain that your PromoStretch® Bands meet your expectations. There is a minimum order size of 500 pieces.


Remember, whether you choose to use Aero’s PromoStretch® Printed Advertising Bands to bundle hats & T shirts, combine multiple products, add to existing labeling, bind corporate reports or add to colorful packaging, PromoStretch® Printed Advertising Bands are ALWAYS ADVERTISING FOR YOU OR YOUR CLIENT!


When it comes to using a premium product like Aero’s PromoStretch® Printed Advertising Bands, it pays to work with experts such as those at Aero Rubber to ensure you get just the bands your organization requires. Our sales engineering teams have an average of 15 years of experience in the industry and can quickly help you in selecting colors and printing a message on your own batch of PromoStretch® Printed Advertising Bands. For more details, or to consult with one of our Rubber Band Division Sales Engineers, please contact Aero Rubber today by calling (800) 662-1009.


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