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PromoStretch Rubber Band Packaging

“I was happy my customers were able to reuse the PromoStretch® bands in many different ways while on the road, but even happier that after multiple uses, my colors and logo kept their original appearance.”

– Stephen Cuomo, Owner BikeTube

Take a journey with BikeTube -The Road Trip Warrior

Weathered, disintegrating boxes left customers unhappy, bike tubes unsecured and Stephen Cuomo without brand recognition. His search for improved branding, functionality and re-usability led him to PromoStretch® advertising bands.

The Challenge

Find a unique, good looking, easy to use, packaging option that eliminates waste.

Color, quality and durability were top of mind when searching for replacement packaging. Something lightweight but strong was just what Cuomo needed. And, his customers did not want to harm the environment.

The Fix

Replace cardboard packaging with PromoStretch® rubber band packaging.

After trying other bands that broke or degraded, Cuomo found PromoStretch® advertising bands. The BikeTube logo looked great, they held the bike tubes securely, stood up to the elements and pleased his customers.

The Benefits

Enduring brand awareness thanks to PromoStretch® advertising band durability & re-usability.

Cuomo points to the re-usability of the band and durability of the printing as two of its greatest strengths. Customers sometimes use the band as a way to  keep fishing line or string from unraveling off a spool and the BikeTube logo lasts through all of their adventures.

PromoStretch® Advertising Bands
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Promostretch advertising band printed large rubber band

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