Bridge Building Evolves Rubber connector sleeves used in the construction of bridges and parking garages are undergoing changes.  Advancements led some construction companies to consider a new paraffin petroleum grout for use within the sleeve. Finding the right rubber formulation for inside the tube is vital to the sleeve’s success. The paraffin petroleum grout, while […]

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Backing Suggestions for Optimum Product Performance To obtain optimum performance and shelf-life from pressure sensitive adhesive backed material purchased from Aero Rubber Company Inc., we suggest you consider the following “industry standard” preparation, application and storage guidelines: SURFACE PREPARATION: Free the surface where applying the PSA of dust, mold releases, dirt, […]

Environment – Design – Style Frequent gasket replacement is frustrating and costly in machine downtime.  It can leave you wondering if there is something that could be done to improve the gasket. The problem can be as simple as making a better gasket.  That process starts with examining the environment your elastomer will see, the […]

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