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PromoStretch® Silicone Bands

PromoStretch Advertising Band for BindersOur Aero PromoStretch® Silicone bands are specially formulated to stretch almost as much as standard rubber bands. They are perfect for brand recognition and advertising purposes and can also be used for identification. Custom printed rubber bands are an ideal way to get the word out. No matter what else they may be doing, PromoStretch® Printed Rubber Bands are always advertising for you or your client!

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   Help your business get more for your money. Bulk discounts and a $200 minimum ensure that we can pass on savings to you.

Silicone Wristbands

Silicone Wristbands Advertising BandsAero has also supplied thousands of businesses and other organizations with Silicone Wristbands.  We have many options available for order so that you can design your wristbands to be as unique as the cause or event you wish to promote.

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More Colors, More Optionscustom printed rubber bands

At your request, Aero Rubber will produce custom colors for your requirements. We can also:

  • Print 360 degrees around the outside of the band
  • Have multiple colors on the same band
  • Offer translucent colors as well as translucent with a hue (PromoStretch® only)
  • Print on the inside of the band as well as the outside surface (PromoStretch® only)
  • Approximate Pantone color match


Custom Printed Rubber Bands are a truly unique way to promote your product, company, cause or organization. Aero’s Printed Rubber Bands  differentiate themselves through their quality and long product life. Our bands can be made from either Silicone or Synthetic Polyisoprene rubber. Both provide a fantastic means for you to build awareness of your product, brand or cause. Company logos, slogans and mottos can be printed with excellent resolution. Whatever the initial application, due to their long life and broad utility, Aero’s Printed Bands will serve as constant reinforcement of your message where ever they may go.

PromoStretch Silicone Advertising Bands Promote Label Advertise Bundle

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