Molded Rubber Products Made to Your Specifications

Custom Molded Rubber Products

Call Aero at (800) 662-1009 with your custom molded rubber product needs. One of Aero’s experienced sales engineer’s will work with you to provide you with the information required for you to make informed decisions concerning the materials and processing required to bring your molded rubber product designs to realization.

Custom Molded Rubber PartsRely on Aero Rubber Company to Meet Your Custom Molded Rubber Product Needs!

Aero’s Senior Sales Engineers stand ready to work with you by providing you with the information you require to achieve your molded rubber product project requirements.

Have you selected the most appropriate elastomer of rubber for your project? Be it Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone, Viton®, Nitrile, EPDM or any other elastomer, our team of senior consultative sales engineers will provide you with the information required for you to determine which elastomer will meet or exceed your toughest requirements.  Aero can supply almost any elastomer on the market today, using the compression, transfer, standard injection and liquid injection (LIM) molding processes.

Highlights of Aero Rubber’s Molded Rubber Capabilities:

  • Lower Tooling Costs;
  • Shorter Lead Times;
  • Cost Effective Options in Materials and Processing

Achievements during our 47 years in the rubber business:

    • ISO 9001:2015;
    • developing hundreds of standard molds for recess bumpers, grommets, O-rings and related components. This translates into lower tooling costs and shorter lead times for our customers;
    • assembling an agile team having the capability to quickly and accurately produce tooling to meet your unique product requirements;
    • developing a full range of commercial and specification grade compounds for use in the molding process;.
    • creating performance-oriented systems and peopled with experienced representatives, enabling Aero to consistently provide quality to you from start to finish;
    • development of strategic alliances with a select group of respected Asian-based manufacturers. This allows Aero to offer you an offshore option for high quality, cost-effective precision custom molded rubber products. Aero rigorously inspects all offshore products to the drawings and specifications you mandate. Aero provides quotes based on custom molding in the U.S.A. or in Asia by one of Aero’s approved Asian suppliers.

Other Capabilities:

You may also be interested in Aero’s Custom Rubber Extrusion Capabilities or Custom Die-Cutting Capabilities.

Aero Rubber Company is Your One-Stop Supplier for Industrial Rubber Products.

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