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Aero’s Rubber Band division sales staff moved their offices into a newly remodeled and enlarged area to allow for their further growth an expansion. In addition to Aero’s Specialty Rubber Product Division, we are also one of the premier suppliers of Rubber Bands, Pallet Bands and PromoStretch® Printed Silicone Advertising bands in the USA.

Pallet bands keep loads stable, accessible

Printed Pallet Band Application

By Sara Pearson Specter · June 6, 2017
Modern Materials Handling: Material Handling & Supply Chain Technology

 Offered as an economical alternative to plastic stretch wrap as a means to secure and stabilize a palletload, Aero Rubber’s reusable pallet bands also cut labor costs, says John Kuhn, senior sales engineer. READ MORE


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Check back regularly for featured projects, new ideas and tips on rubber products.

Connector Sleeves & Paraffin Petroleum Grout Can Work Together

Rubber connector sleeves used in the construction of bridges and parking garages are undergoing changes.  Advancements led some construction companies to consider a new… READ MORE

Download Brochures

Do you need information on a product? Have you lost your brochure? We know it can happen. For that reason, we added a new section designed to make it easy for you to find the information you need when you need it.

Visit our Download Brochures page to print or download pdf copies of our current brochures.

Updated Elastomer Selection Guide

Choosing Elastomers v.2

Let us help you choose elastomers that will fit your needs and project. Arm yourself with the information you need to make an appropriate decision. The elastomer selection guide contains essential information to assist you in choosing the elastomer that will work best for your project.

Questions we will ask:

  • How will you use the part?
  • Does the project require a specific material specification such as ASTM or Military Spec?
  • Will it need to hold up to any harsh conditions or chemicals? In use or cleaning!
  • Under what conditions will you use the part?


Aero Receives ISO 9001:2015 Recertification

Aero’s commitment to providing quality industrial products and unparalleled customer service to those we serve manifest itself in our efforts to develop and document a quality management system that would support and drive this commitment. In 1996 Aero started on the road to developing a quality management system that would meet the requirements of the ISO 9000 Standard for Quality Management Systems. Then, in 1999 Aero was audited by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) for compliance to this international standard and was certified and registered as complying with all of its requirements. Since 1999, Aero has maintained its registration to the various revisions of the ISO 9001 standard and is currently registered by DNV to ISSO 9001:2015. Aero’s quality system and the procedures and work instruction that it is composed of, provide a structured system that assures our customers will receive product that meets all of their specified requirements.

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